Vaulting Lessons


Complete Equestrian Vaulters team practice is for anyone ages 5 and up who would like to vault in a group practice.  We have scholarships available to those who would like to practice and compete with the team, but may not have the resources to do so.  You can choose to vault during our group lessons, or take private vaulting lessons.  We coach for therapeutic, recreational and competitive vaulting.

All of our practices include horse care, horse tacking, vaulter and horse warm ups, horse practice rounds, barrel practice, gymnastics and conditioning exercises, horse chores, and team reflection circle.  


Winter Session runs January 8-March 10, 2024

Spring Session runs March 11- May 26, 2024

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Winter SessionMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursdaySaturday
Walk/Trot under 80lb4-6pm4-6pm1-3pm
Walk/Trot over 80lb4-6pm4-6pm1-3pm
Canter 4-6pm10-12pm
Spring SessionMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursdaySaturday
Walk/Trot under 80lb4-6pm4-6pm10am-12pm
Walk/Trot over 80lb4-6pm4-6pm10am-12pm
Canter 4-6pm4-6pm


Walk/Trot$33/each class
Canter $38/each class

Attendance Policy

  • Your space in class is reserved with your payment.
  • If you need to miss a class, you are welcome to request a make up lesson at any of our other vaulting classes, as long as there is a space open for you.
  • Please let us know 48 hours in advance when you will be missing a class. Please allow 48 hours in advance to reschedule a missed class.
  • Make ups cannot be applied to future sessions.

Weather Policy

  • Please dress for the weather, using layers if necessary
  • We will NOT cancel practice for weather.  We will train inside our gym/barrel room in the event of extreme cold.

Vaulting Attire

  • Please wear tight/exercise pants.  Tight fitting shirts.  Hair tied back.  No jewelry.  Soft soled shoes.
  • Cold Weather Vaulting: Wear layers when the weather is cold.  Always be prepared with gloves, hat, coat, boots, and snow pants when necessary.
  • Pack water bottle and sunscreen.

Class Descriptions

1* Walk/Trot Under 80lb:  This class is for any age and skill level of vaulter under 80lb.  

1* Walk/Trot Over 80lb: This class is for any age and skill level of vaulter over 80lb.

1* Canter: This class is for vaulters who are beginning to canter.  Prior approval is required for this class.  

2/3* Canter: This class is for vaulters who are vaulting at the 2*/3* level of canter. Prior approval is required for this class.  

Before Registering

  • Dates in red indicate no class is scheduled for that day.  Dates in purple indicate a vaulting event.
  • If you are interested in joining the 2* or 1* canter class, please request permission before signing up.
  • Please follow the weight considerations prior to signing up for your classes.
  • Ask questions if you have any!

Additional Information

Please use this New Vaulter Information page for more in depth information about being a new vaulter with Complete Equestrian Vaulters!

Please use the Competitive Vaulter Information page for more in depth information about being a competitive vaulter with with Complete Equestrian Vaulters

Please use the Helpful Links for Vaulters page to find links to commonly needed information.