What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Vaulting is the combination of dance and gymnastics working in harmony on the back of a moving horse.  It is an incredible tool for building strength, flexibility, balance, courage, responsibility, team work and creativity.  Vaulting is a team and an individual sport, and is great for any age and ability. Vaulting is a diverse and inclusive sport with a wide range of positive benefits for all involved.

Who Can Vault?

Vaulting is a great sport for any age and ability of enthusiast.  Vaulters as young as preschool age can begin to participate in vaulting.  Adults benefit from increased balance, confidence and mobility on horseback.  It can be used therapeutically to help increase muscle and emotional development.  It can be used recreationally to help improve riding skills and introduce an element of fun and safety to horseback riding.  Vaulting competitively encourages a higher level of excellence and ability.

Is Vaulting Safe?

Yes!  Many factors contribute to the safety of vaulting.  The horse, which is chosen for its calm personality, is controlled by a lunger standing on the ground.  Vaulters are taught strength building and stretching exercises.  At all levels they learn safe mounts and dismounts.  Exercises are practiced on  the ground and a stationary vaulting barrel before they are performed on the horse.