Complete Equestrian Vaulters is available to teach clinics at our barn or yours.  Vaulting is an excellent tool for learning harmony with your horse, safe dismounts and to bring an element of fun into your riding.  We have taught clinics nationally, for vaulting clubs around our region, the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Pony Club, 4H,  Larimer County Fair, Forever Horses Equine Fair, Big Thunder Draft Show and numerous others.

  • Therapuetic – We would love to work with you in a therapeutic vaulting clinic. We offer insite in the best vaulting moves for the specific challenges of each person in the clinic.  It is important to us to help and guide our students in the safest and most beneficial processes to improve your program!
  • Recreational- Are you a rider or instructor that would like to add vaulting into your program? Let us introduce you to the benefits of vaulting as a recreation tool for improving the seat and safety in your riding programs!
  • Competitive- Are you a competitive vaulting team who is interested in have a guest clinician? We love to teach vaulting to other clubs around the nation!
  • Harmony with the Horse- Are you wanting to learn how to ride in better harmony with your horse?  Let us guide you in the process of learning more about the relaxation and cadence of a balanced riding seat.
  • Safe Dismounts- The majority of injuries in riding are from falls from your horse.  Let us help you learn to safely dismount your horse from the halt, walk, trot and even canter.  Safety is the most important piece of this process.  Extra care and consideration is taken to ensure injury prevention.

We are a leading resource in using vaulting to train riders!  Please contact us to schedule a vaulting clinic today!