Complete Equestrian supports our local community by offering scholarships for need based participants.  We offer classes in therapeutic riding, vaulting, after school programs, adult classes and youth camps year around.  We also rely on the donations to support our herd of amazing horses that makes such a powerful impact on the lives of so many.

Complete Equestrian relies on the generous support of our community to continue making a difference in Northern Colorado!  We are a 501c3 non profit organization, and all of your support is tax deductible!  Thank you for taking the time to even consider the needs of Complete Equestrian. We thank you for your support!

Donation Receipt

Have you made a donation to the Complete Equestrian?  Please print off your Donation Receipt for your tax purposes.  Thank you again for supporting us!

Ways to Donate and Support

In Kind Donations

Whether it is an item off our our wish list, or an item to put into our Heart Beats Gala silent auction; we are always open to in kind donations!  Do you have an auction item or other in kind donation for Complete Equestrian?  Please use this link to submit an in kind donation online

One Time Donation through Venmo

One Time Donation through PayPal

Monthly Donations

Monthly Support Options

King Soopers Card

  • Log on to your account at
  • Click “My Account” and scroll to “Community Rewards”
  • Search Complete Equestrian Vaulters by name or use WP551 and click enroll.

Sponsor a Horse, Therapeutic Rider, or Vaulter

Please consider purchasing or helping us with any of the following:

Sponsor a Horse

Our horses are the most important members of the team! Without them, we couldn’t do what we do. We love them and do everything to help them stay healthy, strong, and happy. They receive excellent housing, feed, veterinary and farrier care, regular turn out and exercise, and weekly therapy appointments. It costs a lot to keep them going strong, but it’s worth every penny. Would you like to help us support our vaulting horses? Here’s how!

Sponsor A Horse

Sponsor a Recreational Vaulter or Therapeutic Riding Student

It is very important to our team that all youth get the opportunity to vault, whether it is within their budget or not. The emotion and physical benefits of vaulting or too important to put a price tag on. Will you help make vaulting a reality for someone in need?

Sponsor a Recreational Vaulter or Therapeutic Riding Student

Sponsor a Competitive Vaulter

Competitive vaulting takes the vaulter to the next level of confidence and dedication. Not all families have the means to provide these opportunities to a child. That doesn’t mean that you can’t help out, and make their dreams of success a reality! Here’s how!

Sponsor a Competitive Vaulter