New Vaulter Information

Welcome to Complete Equestrian Vaulters! We are very happy you are considering this amazing sport. There is a lot to vaulting, so please review the following information. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Weekly Practice Schedule

Recreational vaulters are welcome to practice as a drop in student or attend one or more practices each week. Make up classes are allowed with prior office approval.

Competitive vaulters will need to attend two or more practices minimum each week to ensure they are able to practice their compulsories and freestyle exercises. It is encouraged that competitive vaulters also practice their weekly conditioning and mats exercises at home. Make up classes are allowed with prior office approval.

First Vaulting Practice

Paperwork and payment

Each new vaulter will need to fill out our waiver and bring payment to their first class. If you are interested in becoming a competitive vaulter, you will need to fill out our competitive vaulter registration form.

Payment is due at the first class. You may pay our monthly or our drop in fee.


Vaulters will need to wear tight fitting clothing. Leggings and sweatpants are preferred. Ladies are encouraged to wear a sports bra.

Long hair must be tied back. Jewelry is not permitted and is a safety hazard.

Layering and the weather. Always come prepared for the weather. It is always better to be over dressed than under prepared.

Vaulting Shoes

When on the horse, the vaulter must wear a flexible shoe. Hard soled shoes are not permitted as they can injure the horse.

For recreational vaulters, we recommend a flexible tennis shoe or water sock.

For competitive vaulters, we recommend the Nadia Bleyer vaulting shoe. Those can be purchased from or We recommend ordering at least two sizes up.

Barn Chores

There is a lot more to horses that riding and vaulting. We want to teach responsibility to our students by caring for our horses.

Vaulters are responsible at each practice for setting up and cleaning up their practice equipment. They will also be grooming and caring for their horses. In addition, they will be feeding the horses and sometimes blanketing the horses after practices. Coaches may ask vaulters for additional help with any other chores that need to be done.

Vaulters will need closed toed boots or shoes for their chores. Gloves are optional.


We will send out a weekly team update and curriculum to help keep everyone on the same page. We use:

Questions and Concerns

If you have general questions, please us the above resources to ask your questions!

We take the concerns of the team very seriously. If you would like to bring an anonymous concern to the coaches and the team, please fill out this form.

Supporting the Club

  • Club and Parent Meetings: Club and general parent meetings are held quarterly. Schedules are posted via email. Meetings are important to participate in club related decisions and find out about upcoming demonstrations, fundraisers or competitions.
  • Demonstrations and clinics: The AVA, our region, and our club are actively trying to bring more visibility to the great sport of vaulting. We are always looking for opportunities to promote it to potential vaulters and fans. Complete Equestrian Vaulters participates in many demonstrations throughout the year.  
  • Parent help: There is no shortage of opportunities to help improve the club. Parents with horse knowledge can step in around the barn. However, there are plenty of jobs for non-”horsey” parents. We can always use help with fundraising, office work, sewing costumes and pad covers, cleaning tack and other jobs. Many hands make light work, so please consider how you as a parent can help out.
  • Donations and sponsorships: Complete Equestrian Vaulters is a 501c3 non profit organization. Cash and item donations are tax deductible and always welcome.
  • Fundraising: The club holds one large annual fundraiser in an effort to avoid multiple small fundraisers. This fundraiser helps to defray the cost of competition fees, horse expenses, equipment repair, etc. We are also able to provide a scholarship program to make vaulting an accessible sport to all individuals. We can’t be successful without the participation of vaulters and parents in this event. The Heart Beats Gala is held each February and is a vaulting demonstration, silent auction, and dinner event. We ask vaulters and families to sell tickets, solicit donations and sponsorships, and help with the planning and execution of this event. Please mark your calendars! We also welcome new ideas and opportunities to help generate additional resources for the club.
  • Quarterly Barn Clean-Up Days: Complete Equestrian Vaulters hosts 4 barn clean up days annually. We ask that all team members attend. Barn clean-up day helps us to keep costs down by regularly maintaining our facilities. Barn clean-up days are held on a Saturday and last no more than 3 hours. Lunch is provided for all participants. 
  • King Soopers and Amazon Smile: Additional money can be earned for our club when shopping at these retailers.
    • King Soopers: Log on to your account at  Search Complete Equestrian Vaulters by name or use WP551 and click enroll.  

Amazon: When shopping on Amazon, simply shop from and select Complete Equestrian Vaulters as the non-profit of your choice. A portion of your sale will be given directly back to CEV.