Complete Equestrian Fall, Winter and Spring Programs!

Complete Equestrian has now opened registration for our Fall, Winter and Spring Equestrian Programs!  We offer a wide range of options for every rider!

Vaulting Program

Our vaulting program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Saturdays in the AM.  Vaulting is the BEST way to learn to be a safe and balanced rider.  It is also a great compliment to those who like to combine dance and gymnastics with their love of horses.  Check us out at http://www.cevaulters.org/lessons-2/!

Saddle Club

Saddle club is a perfect way to enjoy an after school riding lesson combined with learning new horsemanship and horse care knowledge.  Each session will cover new topics, allowing you to only increase your skills!  Check us out at http://completeeq.com/?a=saddleclub!

Home School Riding Program

Our Home School Riding Program is specifically designed for home school students.  Your lessons will include a group riding lesson plus equine class room.  Each session will teach new topics.  These classes can be used towards your PE and Science credits!  Check us out at http://completeeq.com/?a=homeschool

Private Riding Lesson

We have many options Monday-Saturday to offer you private riding lesson!  You can sign up for your lessons at http://completeeq.com/?a=instruction

Horse Leasing

Are you a proficient rider who would like to ride more often?  We have a great herd of horses that excited to partner with you.  Please check out http://completeeq.com/?a=lease

Birthday Parties

We offer birthday parties for those horse crazy kids!  Come enjoy an afternoon of games, riding, vaulting, horse decorating and fun with your friends.  Check it out at http://completeeq.com/?a=party