Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/24/2023
Complete Equestrian – Open Board Meeting
Board Members: Emily, Sue, Ashley, Becca, Michelle
Others Present: no others attended
Meeting called to order at: 5:40pm

Finance Report

> Scholarships Awarded 2018-2023 YTD $13,987.80
> Donated Lessons since 2016 $6,283.00
> Charitable Contributions from Complete Equestrian LLC $3,657
> Current Assets
o $27,693.58
o Accounts Received: $3,080.25
o Outstanding Horsebucks $2,228.83
o Approved $1000 in scholarships per session
> No outstanding liabilities
> Main operating and non-operating expenses
o $6000 – horse lease fee**
o $1696.20 – coaching fees
o $1000 – donation to Chunky from individual for veterinary care
o $2000 – donation to Chunky from the non-profit, voted on by the board
o $6150 – mechanical barrel

**Annual Horse Lease Fee – we lease the horses from Complete Equestrian LLC. The LLC determines
needed horse care

Other Business:
> Voted to make a donation of $2000 towards Chunky’s medical costs
Reminders for the October All Hands meeting:
> Reminder to tell the team about the $10 fee in January
> Becca and Ashley – Send out the calendar invite for the October 10 th mandatory meeting

Motion to end at: 6:06pm