Christoph Lensing Clinics

Complete Equestrian will be hosting Christoph Lensing March 18th and March 22nd for private and group vaulting clinics!

Christoph Lensing is one of the most sought after clinicians in the world. As a former vaulter in the years between 1987 and 1996, Christoph won the World Vaulting Cup 3 times and came in second twice. He won the European Championships 3 times and came in second once. He won the German National Championships 4 times and came in second 6 times.  He is one of the most renowned vaulters of our times because of his skill but also his dedication to the sport. Since the end of his active vaulting career, he has coached many individual vaulters from different countries to the highest levels as well as coaching international teams. He is also a practicing physical therapist and a well known designer of innovative surcingles.  We feel very privileged to be able to work with and learn from such a recognized clinician . One of the things we appreciate the most about Christoph is his passion for the sport and his ability to transmit to even young vaulters the mechanics as well as the fun involved in vaulting.


Wednesday, March 18



Sunday, March 22





$65 per 2 hour session

$15 audit fee


Contact and Registration

Nicole Collins




Flyer for Christoph Lensing Clinics


Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Clinics

CEV at the RMHE!

The Complete Equestrian Vaulters will be performing at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, Co.  We will be teaching 4 clinics and doing 2 performances from March 12-15th, 2015.


Thursday at 12- Ride with the Experts- Nicole Collins Clinic, Event Center Paddock

Friday at 4pm- Vaulting Training for Beginners, Event Center Paddock

Saturday at 8am- Using Vaulting to Train for a Safe and Confident Rider, Event Center Paddock

Saturday at 4pm- Training Foundational Skills for the Vaulting Horse, Event Center Paddock

Mane Event

We will be performing at the Mane Event Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm.


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